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Industrial Laser Machine

Industrial laser machines are made to cut metals and textiles. These are also used to mark tracking codes and allow for industrial traceability. Their use is required for changing the surface roughness.

Medical Laser Machine

Medical laser machines are medical devices, which make use of the precisely focused light sources for the effective treatment and removal of tissues. Supplied machines can be used for several medical uses.

Laser Punching Machine

The Laser Punching Machines are the machine tools, suitable for embossing as well as punching the flat sheet-materials. These machines are made to extend static stability of a sheet piece.

Power Glass Tube

Power Glass tubes are solid stock structures of fused silicate materials. These find applications in sight glass, level gage, laboratory, X-ray tube, and similar others. These are appreciable for their longer life, high durability, and hassle-free performance.

The Laser Skin Treatment Machine Machines are automatic machines of brand Mapis laser & Optical Technology. These high-performance machines have many clinical uses and can deal with several skin irregularities.

Laser Optical System Accessories

The Laser Optical System Accessories are used for eye and skin treatments. The accessories are made to deliver exceptional reliability, superior performance, and unparalleled value to keep the production on a schedule.